Corporate Events

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Hold Your Corporate Event at Prairie City Kart Track…and hold on! 


Corporate Events at Prairie City Kart Track are a great fit for many types of groups: a business with its employees or customers, members from an association, social or church group, and even a bachelor party. The only requirement is that the people are ready to get their adrenaline pumping – people find this to be a great bonding event!


Our operations are designed to handle groups of all sizes. From 10 or less to  50+, we can make your event a great experience.


The format of your event can range from open laps, to training with a professional race car driver, to a full blown team endurance race. 



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With multiple catering options, we can help you plan the perfect event for your group.

There are available areas to conduct a sales meeting, business training, or an awards dinner. 



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SAMPLE Menu Options

Pulled Pork Sandwiches and various Deli Salads

Lasagna, Salad, Garlic Bread

Hot Dog and Nacho Bar

Pizza and Salad



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Contact us to discuss your needs so that

we can help you plan a great event!

Call 916.355.0116 or email





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